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Q 1: Hello, welcome to the Crypto Talkz community for AMA! Please briefly introduce MetaRace!

Answer: MetaRace®-Horse Racing is the first competitive game created by METARACE competitive metaverse. As a blockchain game based on racing horses, Horse Racing incorporates solid futuristic elements such as mechanical style and science fiction, which is in stark contrast to existing horse racing blockchain games. Players need to cultivate and upgrade their mechanical horses in the game and earn token rewards through various ways such as competitions and developing next-generation racehorses.

Question 2: May I ask what is the original intention of METARACE®-Horse Racing? What scale of development has it reached so far?

Answer: Horse racing is a sport with a long history and has its unique value and attractions, while blockchain, NFT, and meta-universe are the latest and most exciting concepts nowadays and one of the ways for human beings to break through physical limitations and achieve a higher dimensional world. Therefore, the MetaRace team has the idea of integrating horse racing into blockchain and meta-universe. MetaRace team believes that making horse racing into a blockchain game into meta-universe not only combines the value attributes of offline horse racing + online game but also makes it have the attributes of blockchain such as Play-to-Earn and NFTs. With this idea, MetaRace Horse Racing was born. The emergence of MetaRace Horse Racing integrated three multi-billion-dollar markets (horse racing, online games, NFTs), forming the effect of 1+1+1>3, with immeasurable prospects and value.

Question 3: As a “horse racing game in the metaverse” with the theme of mechanical style and future technology. What is the difference between METARACE®-Horse Racing and other metaverse games of the same type, and what are the project’s highlights?

Answer: MetaRace Horses Racing is different from other horse racing games. It incorporates solid futuristic elements such as mechanical style and science fiction, which better echoes the team’s vision of the metaverse.

MetaRace Horses Racing is a better blend of horse racing x NFT x gaming. MetaRace Horses Racing uses genetic algorithms and RNG (Random Numeral Generator) techniques to create unpredictability and challenges. At the same time, it provides players with a variety of easy and profitable ways. NFT is not just a collector’s item. Still, players can become horse masters, mechanics, and stable owners in MetaRace Horses Racing through the combination with the game and earn income by racing, trading, or upgrading NFT. In the later stage, XR extended reality technology will also enhance players’ immersion visually and aurally, giving them a perfect gaming experience and making them truly in the MetaRace metaverse.

Q 4: As a blockchain game, you may be more concerned about the available PLAY TO EARN gameplay. Can you tell us more about it?

Answer: Yes, in fact, in METARACE®-Horse Racing, you can earn income by playing the game in many ways, such as racing, collecting, betting, running a horse farm, and so on.

Racing is a game experience similar to traditional horse racing games. The game will be played from a 2.5D perspective so that players can view all the tracks simultaneously to keep up with the racing action.

The core of the collection is the acquisition and trading of rare virtual items in the game. The key NFT content includes the horses themselves and the horse accessories: saddles, saddle pads, headpieces, tailpieces, etc. These components not only have a high collector’s value but will also affect the horse’s performance.

If you don’t want to raise horses and participate in races, in the next stage, we will introduce the betting function. Betting is a way of playing for casual players. Players don’t need to participate in horse racing competitions; they only need to analyze the comprehensive data of each participating horse through the data board and choose to bet; they will have the chance to win the profit.

As for operating a racecourse, players can obtain the right to use the racecourse through auction/pledge tokens, etc., and share the operating profit of the racecourse according to the proportion of your input.

The blockchain game market is overgrowing, and there will be more diverse ways to play in the future. The principle of MetaRace Horse Racing is to decentralize and let all players make their own. In the end, we will set some standards for horses, accessories, and tracks and let players design their own NFTs, which will be voted by the community and entered into the game to participate in races.

Q5: What are the current ways that players can access METARACE®-Horse Racing’s mechanical racehorses?

Answer: Currently, the team has tentatively decided on the following ways to access METARACE®-Horse Racing’s NFT racehorses

Community events: follow METARACE®-Horse Racing’s social media; we will host community events from time to time to distribute the whitelist of NFT racehorses.

IGO: follow the project, and we will be going to events on some of the mainstream IGO platforms.

Auction: we will also auction off some of the NFT racehorses on the official website.

Secondary Market: Players can also pay attention to the secondary market and buy our NFT racehorses on mainstream NFT sales platforms.

Twitter Session

Q1: Do I have to hold NFT to play this game?

Answer: Our gameplay is very diverse, and the race requires NFT horse racing, collection play. As long as you have some Tokens, you can participate in betting on horse races and pledge Tokens to operate a stable to get a share of the rewards. We will develop some racehorses, accessories, and track standards so that players can freely design NFT and fully participate in the production of the game. At a later stage, we will also open the “free to build” function. Of course, the player’s design must pass the community government voting and finally will be added to the game world.

Q2: When will the game be available online?

Answer: In our roadmap plan, MetaRace Horse Racing will launch the game in Q4 2021. That means everyone will be able to participate in the METARACE®-Horse Racing game soon!

Q3: What is the token for METARACE®-Horse Racing?

Answer: Metarace®Horse Racing is a dual token economic model, divided into META and RACE. META will be used as the entry consumption and cultivation consumption in the tournament, and RACE will be used as the reward and cultivation consumption in the match.

Telegram Live Segment

Q1: Everyone is very interested in METARACE®-Horse Racing. Are there any welfare activities to participate in soon?

Answer: Thank you very much for your support and interest, we are sure to have a lot of activities soon. First of all, we will promptly start the airdrop campaign in the community, join the METARACE®-Horse Racing community and complete the community tasks. You will have a chance to get airdrop rewards worth 800 USDDT in total. After that, we will open various activities, such as the whitelist of NFT racing, so you can pay attention to the official information to learn more about the latest activities.

MetaRace Telegram:

MetaRace Discord:

Q2: Does METARACE®-Horse Racing have any plans to consider a multi-chain release?

Answer: METARACE®-Horse Racing is sure to have plans for multi-chain distribution. Some high-quality meta universe public chains may be considered, and BSC will also be considered.

Q3: What benefits can I get from holding your NFT?

Answer: Holders of METARACE®-Horse Racing’s racing NFTs can earn excellent benefits through the game’s various economic methods. For example.

NFT holders can get the corresponding Tokens as race rewards through the top three places of a single race.

NFT holders can earn generous total season ranking rewards at the end of each season by participating in races.

NFT holders can breed the next generation of racehorses through existing NFT racehorses and earn revenue through the sale of NFT.

NFT holders can also sell their rare NFT racehorses in the secondary market to gain revenue.

There is multiple gameplay to earn a profit; you can also rent NFT racehorses to players who cannot obtain these premium NFT racehorses to breed or compete through direct peer-to-peer rentals. Earn Tokens by partnering with players who have the time and ability to upgrade your NFT assets.

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto MetaRace Its time for Wrapping Up.

About MetaRace Horse Racing

METARACE® — horse racing is the first Metaverse competitive game that is live on the metarace gaming platform and equipped with ‘ play-to-earn ‘ feature. Built on the blockchain to simulate real-life horse racing, METARACE® brings the horse racing experience into a futuristic virtual reality. Players can compete with each other on the track to win and earn coins, upgrade the mechanics of their horse or sit on the sidelines and place a bet!

Join the METARACE® Discord community; you won’t miss out on NFT drop and gameplay info.

Stay tuned to our official channels. We have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through!

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.

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