METARACE® Horse Racing -A Competitive Game in the Metaverse Based on Blockchain

3 min readNov 11, 2021


Hi, it’s great to meet you all. METARACE® is a decentralized online horse racing application perfectly integrated with human industrial aesthetics.

Game Description
METARACE® is a metaverse world with a competitive theme.METARACE®-Horse Racing is the first Metaverse competitive game created by METARACE®. As a blockchain game based on offline horse racing, Horse Racing combines mechanical style, horse racing, and racing elements. You will instantly interact with nearly one million athletic and horse racing fans, and you can enjoy the fun and rewarding participation from development to competition. In addition, METARACE® will also provide a portal to the XR application, so you can genuinely enjoy a realistic and complete metaverse experience.

One of the core concepts of the METARACE®-Horse Racing user experience is to provide players with multiple easy and profitable ways to play. Players can earn money by participating in many in-game activities and gameplay: trading and collecting NFT horses, decorations, and jockey clothing, participating in races, administering a stable, breeding racehorses, and more.

Horse Racing x NFT x Games — In traditional online games, predictable outcomes and dull gameplay cause many players to abandon the game at the first opportunity. By combining with the game, players can become jockeys, mechanics, and stable owners in METARACE® Horses Racing and earn income by horse racing, upgrading, or trading NFTs. At the later stage, we will also use XR extended reality technology to enhance players’ immersion visually and aurally, giving you a perfect gaming experience.

Our game plan will be officially released and launched presently. All the players can join the Discord community in advance through community contributions to obtain the first batch of “Genesis Horse” NFT whitelist qualifications. These rare Horses NFTs will belong to the player, the player will have the use, trade, or sell the NFTs collection of The player will have the final permission to use, trade, or sell the collection.

As the first competitive game in the Metaverse based on blockchain, our goal is to create a competitive game in the parallel Metaverse, allowing users to enter the Metaverse world and bring a new experience. As we are just starting, we hope you will be an early participant to test, share the game experience and get us more valuable comments.

Join the METARACE® Discord community; you won’t miss out on NFT drop and gameplay info.

Stay tuned to our official channels. We have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through!

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.