🏇MetaRace Horse Racing Weekly News #14

3 min readApr 14, 2022


Hello Racers, it’s time for our weekly update!

We want to let our growing community know what’s been happening behind the scenes and all the progress we’re making as we get closer to launch. It’s exciting times!

For those that don’t know: our weekly recap discusses product and business development, and gives reminders on our latest marketing initiatives.

Why? At MetaRace Horse Racing, as we continue to develop, we are focusing on the playability of the in-game assets and gameplay. We are creating the most user-friendly and engaging horse racing game in the metaverse — and we want to share the journey.


🏆 Optimization and Alpha Testing

We’ve completed the second round of optimization for MetaRace, and conducted gameplay testing. The result: overall performance has reached the expected high standard we set.

What we did:

Tested: Gameplay method function

Tested: NFTs horse breeding function

Tested: NFTs horse training function

Upgrade and tested: In-game music background

🎁 The NFTs Giveaway is BACK!

On April 13th, MetaRace launched a new round of giveaways — 5x Genesis Mechanical Horse NFTs.

For details of the event, please follow the official Twitter or Discord community.

🏅 Cooperation & Expansion

MetaRace is actively negotiating cooperation with a number of gaming guilds. We will announce the collaboration with a well-known guild this week — stay tuned!

🔥 3x Genesis NFTs Giveaway! (14/4–16/4) 🔥

Chat & Share to win!

This is the last chance to grab yourself a FREE Genesis Mechanical Horse NFT. What are you waiting for?!

How to win:

You can gain between 37 and 62 XP every minute you’re messaging but it helps to level up to gain the BRONZE JOCKEY title on the Discord server. How?

1. Being active on the server, staying online, and chatting in the channels.

2. Invite three friends to join the discord

Prize: 3xGenesis Mystery Boxes

We will reward a Mystery Box with a Genesis Mechanical Horse NFT to 3 randomly selected participants who meet all the requirements.

The Horses

Mechanical horses — with every horse composed of different genes. The four breeds of MetaRace Generation 0 (Genesis) horses:

  • Darley Arabian
  • Godolphin Arabian
  • Byerley Turk
  • Satoshi Nakamoto

About MetaRace Horse Racing

MetaRace Horse Racing is the first competitive metaverse game to launch on the MetaRace platform featuring exciting Play-to-Earn opportunities.

Built on the blockchain and designed to simulate real-life horse racing, MetaRace takes the racing experience into the futuristic virtual world. Players can compete with each other on the track to win and earn tokens, upgrade the mechanics of their horse, operate a race track or sit on the sidelines and place a wager!

Join the MetaRace Discord community to ensure you don’t miss out on NFT drops and gameplay updates. Keep an eye on our official social channels.

Have a lovely week racers and most importantly WAGMI!

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain. https://linktr.ee/MetaRaceHorseRacing