🏇MetaRace Horse Racing Weekly News #18

3 min readMay 10, 2022

Hello, Racers! We’re back with a fresh dose of our Weekly Update and we’ve got plenty of interesting news to share with you. Who’s ready to get the ball rolling??

🏇 Marketing and Community

AMA with Community Manager

This week was a great achievement for us when hosting the AMA on Discord with our Community Manager — Hades.

We’re so happy to have supportive members that are always with us every step of the way. During the AMA, Hades answered all the questions concerning the game status, and marketing strategy around MetaRace Horse Racing.

There were also 10 winners of the AMA that had given us the best questions. If you missed this, don’t worry! We’re going to organize another AMA soon to speak with you!!

BlockchainSpace x MetaRace

BlockchainSpace and MetaRace are now official partners and we’re proud to say, together we will be launching co-marketing announcements to bring more guilds and gamers to MetaRace’s platform through this partnership. It will also provide NFT incentives to our guild partners. Guilds that receive these NFTs will have the chance to be the first players and testers on the Caduceus Protocol Blockchain, the first public blockchain dedicated to metaverse deployment.

Winners List | Fan Art Contest, Genesis NFTs Giveaway

Last week, we launched the Fan Art Contest. Entries were brilliant and we want to thank our community for being so incredible on this campaign — the 5 winners below will receive a Genesis NFT Mystery Box.

Congratulations winners!

MinimumGrunt | MGS#2748
Johny Bunn#8371

Rewards will be distributed after the NFT pre-sale.

🏇 Game Development

Testing and retesting the racing function, our team is ensuring that the beta version will provide a truly seamless and thrilling horse racing experience for the MetaRace community.

We still have a lot of work to do for our vision to come to life, but we are happy to see it coming together as one big ecosystem!

A big shoutout goes out to our community for sticking with and supporting us throughout our journey as well — we haven’t forgotten about any of you :)

About MetaRace Horse Racing

MetaRace Horse Racing is the first competitive metaverse game to launch on the MetaRace platform featuring exciting Play-to-Earn opportunities.

Built on the CMP blockchain and designed to simulate real-life horse racing, MetaRace takes the racing experience into the futuristic virtual world. Players can compete with each other on the track to win and earn tokens, upgrade the mechanics of their horse, operate a race track, or sit on the sidelines and place a wager!

Join the MetaRace Discord community to ensure you don’t miss out on NFT drops and gameplay updates. Keep an eye on our official social channels.

Have a lovely week, racers, and most importantly WAGMI!

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain. https://linktr.ee/MetaRaceHorseRacing