MetaRace Lead Game Designer: The NFTization of traditional horse racing, the cross-border realization of reality to Metaverse

MetaRace Lead Game Designer: The NFTization of traditional horse racing, the cross-border realization of reality to Metaverse

“From reality to Metaverse, all valuable data will be recorded by Blockchain, and human beings will live in the Metaverse in the form of deeper data.” — MetaRace Lead Game Designer Tom Agnew

NFT is making a big splash currently, with the number of NFTs and transactions climbing at an incredible rate. All of this is because NFT has a unique identification, so loading NFT is equivalent to having a unique identity in the digital world. The emergence of NFT gives the metaverse an excellent economic verification mechanism to ensure the economic system’s stability in this world structure. It also explains why players are pursuing NFT after the rise of the metaverse concept. NFT gives a new market direction to the metaverse and attracts the attention of more traditional industries.

The MetaRace team has never slacked in its attempts to explore more possibilities for the future of the metaverse. MetaRace team exerts horse racing as the theme and the “machinery” as the inspiration, fully integrating technology, traditional athletic sports, and art. To create MetaRace®-Horse Racing combines the NFT technology with traditional horse racing sport. MetaRace’s brand spirit and original design concept is a decentralized online horse racing blockchain application perfectly with human industrial aesthetics.

MetaRace Horse Racing as the first NFT of MetaRace competitive metaverse — Sci-Fi robotic style horse racing. As the core of the gameplay, MetaRace has designed every NFT of the horse as an individual NFT asset and brings it into the metaverse of METARACE, presenting it as collectible and unique, Non-fungible tokens(NFT).

All the NFTs assets are owned by the player and right to use and trade it. The game of the NFTs and horses also includes Horse Accessories: saddles, saddle pads, headgear, and horsetails. Jockey’s Costume, including helmet, colored clothes, and other NFT components, can be attached. These NFT components have a high collection value and will effect the horse’s performance in the game. During our development plan, the MetaRace racecourse NFT will be issued in the future. Players can obtain racecourse NFT in different ways and get the profit through the racecourse operation.

We have entirely brought “horse racing” into the metaverse, digitizing, and NFTization of horse racing. It is our first step into the metaverse. In the future, we will also use XR (Extended Reality) technology to allow people to experience the metaverse in a truly immersive way. The metaverse can be mapped into the reality world.

With the growing influence of the metaverse, our NFT horse racing will be an essential driver for expanding the metaverse to a greater extent.

MetaRace®-Horse Racing is also bound to open a new chapter in the integration of reality into the metaverse.

About MetaRace Horse Racing

METARACE® — horse racing is the first Metaverse competitive game that is live on the metarace gaming platform and equipped with ‘ play-to-earn ‘ feature. Built on the blockchain to simulate real-life horse racing, METARACE® brings the horse racing experience into a futuristic virtual reality. Players can compete with each other on the track to win and earn coins, upgrade the mechanics of their horse or sit on the sidelines and place a bet!

Join the METARACE® Discord community; you won’t miss out on NFT drop and gameplay info.

Stay tuned to our official channels. We have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through!

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