MetaRace: Truly, a world first!

2 min readJun 16, 2022


Hey racers!

We have some pretty BIG news for you today — we’ve made history!

On Monday June 13th, the MetaRace team’s real-life colt became the world’s first horse to be fractionalised into NFTs and race competitively, running in his debut at the prestigious Royal Windsor Races!

Our first real racehorse (yes, we plan to have more than one), is a two-year-old aptly named MetaRace. He will be gifted to community members who hold either in-game MetaRace NFTs and/or tokens.

With our special boy, we have truly brought together the real and virtual worlds in this historic merging of sport, blockchain and gaming; people now have an opportunity to own an NFT with real-world utility, and as a competitive racehorse, P2E doesn’t get realer than this!

To be in with a chance of a percentage ownership of him and to proudly watch him grow, train and race, get yourself whitelisted, or fully prepped and ready for the sale of the virtual MetaRace horses.

So, more about MetaRace. He is trained at the prestigious Whatcombe stables by renowned trainer and one of our ambassadors, Oliver Cole, and started his career on a beautiful Summer’s evening at Royal Windsor Races running alongside others his age.

He’s naturally a very excitable horse and it showed as he started fast but a little too wide, which meant he found getting in the slipstream later pretty tricky. He gave plenty of effort at Windsor but all this excitement and new territory was too much for the little pup as he tired by the last 200 yards.

Being his first day at school, this race was a chance to see how MetaRace performs and to understand what his strengths and weaknesses are for more informed and specific training in the future.

Finishing 10th out of 13, Oliver commented that, “Ideally, we would have had him another week before going out but this has done him the world of good, mentally and from a fitness perspective, so we can definitely move forward positively from here.”

Here at MetaRace HQ, we are so proud of our colt and his initial foray into the competitive racing world. We can’t wait to watch how he improves and develops with more time, training and of course, real-life races!

If you want to share in this parental pride and excitement, head over to our Discord channel to find out more about how to be in with a chance of being gifted a real-world racehorse NFT that is MetaRace.




MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.