Partnership with League of Guilds (LOG) 🏇

One of the most exciting things about MetaRace Horse Racing is the metaverse economy we’re creating for the game. We envisage millions of people racing together, trading NFTs with each other and taking part in an ever-changing and totally dynamic economy.

So in light of this, we are thrilled to announce we will be partnering with the League of Guilds (LOG) to onboard more players to the world of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and MetaRace Horse Racing!

With a shared vision for the future of P2E gaming, we have no doubt this partnership will bring together more players and create an even better MetaRace Horse Racing experience.

🎮 About League of Guilds (LOG)

As a neutral global guild alliance and a DAO organization, the League of Guilds applies powerful AI algorithms from a professional perspective and dimension to conduct objective analysis and evaluation of gaming guilds, gaming guild alliances, and chain games. This provides players with real and reliable data, helping players to participate in the Metaverse more easily, quickly, safely and securely, and feel the unprecedented experience brought by the Metaverse.

In GameFi, the relationship between players, games and game guilds has been reconstructed by LOG. In addition to providing game guild rankings and game rankings, players can follow guilds and games in LOG. The Web3.0 platform will pay more attention to the value that users can obtain, retain the advantages of big data brought by the platform, and return the “excess wealth” captured by centralization to both buyers and sellers (users). Players in LOG will be more valued and gain more rights and interests.

LOG Official Website:

Get ready to saddle up and join us! MetaRace is coming!! 🏇

About MetaRace Horse Racing

MetaRace Horse Racing is the first competitive metaverse game to launch on the MetaRace platform, featuring exciting play-to-earn opportunities. Built on the blockchain and designed to simulate real-life horse racing, MetaRace takes the racing experience into a futuristic virtual world. Players can compete with each other on the track to win and earn tokens, upgrade the mechanics of their horse or sit on the sidelines and place a wager!

Join the MetaRace Discord community to ensure you don’t miss out on NFT drops and gameplay updates.

Keep an eye on our official channels. We have a lot of exciting news and events coming up!

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.

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MetaRace Horse Racing is a P2E game, and the first dapp to launch on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) blockchain.